Preserving Digitally the World’s Historical Sites

Non-profit organization CyArk has launched a very ambitious and essential project. The group aims to digitally preserve the world’s most spectacular historical sites. It will create 3D backups of historical sites in a project that aims to… eternity!

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The Importance of Archiving Data


When I was young I used to collect all sorts of things: cd’s with my favorite music, magazine articles for things that interested me, coins, DVD’s, gadgets from my holiday’s destinations and even matchboxes for a short while. The reason is obvious: it was the simple desire to store and preserve everything that made me happy or brought to me good memories from the past. Well, it is a habit I kind of miss since I grew up a little bit. I remember the joy and the feeling of satisfaction every time I felt like updating or even checking on one of my boyish collections. It was a true feeling of joy!

What does it mean to grow up? Well, it means that the necessities of life knock at your door at some time (along with the pleasures of the adult life that is). A necessity of adult life couldn’t be other than the need to gather and preserve data that concern your professional life. You might need to do it by yourself if you are an accountant that works from home. Or, you might need to do it for your company if you’re one of the lucky ones that has his own office downtown (in the times of high rates of unemployment around Europe, yes, this is what I call luck!).

Archiving Data

How many times a company had to face devastating results in the light of a mismanagement of its data? I guess it must be many! Nowadays especially, the need of a company to store its data in an appropriate way it’s not only a necessity directed from the need to operate smoothly and efficiently but it is also a matter of stricter regulations and policies concerning data management and archive storage. E.U. recent regulations have generated heated discussions concerning the issue. Nevertheless, what matters in this case is not how things should have been but how one can adjust to new realities.

Guinness World Record/Shred Day DFW 2012

Iron Mountain provides excellent services for document storage. The company simply gathers the documents and stores them to their off-site storage facilities. Web services offered by the company provide an easy and quick access to your archive. What is more, you can label, search and of course request a retrieval of documents at any time. Iron Mountain has over 1.000 storage facilities around the world and has been operating on the field since 1951. Now, this is what I call a safe choice if you want to guarantee business continuity for your own company!

Apart from storing data and information though, there is also another necessity. It consists of the simple fact that some data, some information, needs to be destroyed. And this is another sensitive issue that has been thoroughly discussed by everyone concerned: individuals, companies, institutions and governmental agencies. It goes like this: some information is valuable (it could costs millions sometimes!) and some other is simply, from a point onward, confidential waste, meaning simply waste. And these are confidential waste that a company must get rid of.

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In addition, by being waste it means that you need to make proper use of them! The world we live in faces a problem, we all know it: it is the single most crucial problem this planet faces and will need to face in the future and it’s the ecological one. I will put it bluntly: if we want to imagine that sometime from now in the future normal life will still go on than we really need to start protecting the environment. In other words, your confidential waste must become recycling material and obviously this is a job that needs to be handled professionally.

Businesswoman signing the contract.

Many companies choose to outsource the job of destroying their data in order to keep up with data destruction requirements and ecological concerns. Usually, they are provided with locked consoles which are emptied on a regular basis by the external company’s stuff. The waste will be 100% recycled. In addition, a small company that wishes to avoid signing a contract, it can request on-demand shredding services by another company. That means that they can use their services whenever is needed as a small company probably doesn’t need to deal with huge amount of information and confidential waste that is.

This whole issue is all about responsibility and transparency in case you didn’t get it. I only hope that most companies will comply with all of the the rules and regulations…

Information Is The Key

Privacy is one of the hot issues of the day – and when we say ‘of the day’ we usually tend to think about today and the current matters going on, as if there has never been a yesterday. However, what one must have in mind is that privacy has been the case ever since humanity exists. Humans have always tried to protect nothing else than … information! Since their fellow humans were after what they are after still today: access to resources! And in order for the cave of treasures to open, one must know the password; one must know how to say ‘Open Sesame’, which actually counts for the very key to fortunes and prosperity, to success and growth.

History shows that information has always been the most precious of the treasures that humans had to guard. Think about the dawn of time, when hunters were gathered in closed groups and one had to pass a harsh initiation process, which was nothing else than a test on whether one could keep the secret … or not. It seems that information was vital ever since then. Hunters forming closed groups were doing nothing else than to protect information about resources, such as the best hunting spots, the best weapons, the best techniques. Of course, they had their competitors: other competing hunting groups, which were after the same thing…

As the world turned around and humanity evolved, information still kept on being the most precious. Just think about the political twists and turns of the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar would have never been ‘defeated’ if there had not been for secrecy; some secretive few protected a piece of information, one that only they knew and kept safer than safe, a piece of information that Caesar never found out about – otherwise, history would have surely been different. And this is how power was lost by one and gained by others even back then!

Taking a big leap in time, let’s take a look at those days of the big geographical discoveries that marked the 15th and 16th centuries. What do we learn from there? We learn that what mattered most back then was still information – maybe much more than the gold that was exploited in the new conquered lands. Eventually, it leaked, it got sold and bought, it got away from the hands of some to the hands of others and, so, access to resources had to be shared among more than one power (which was Spain back then). Also, during the industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries information was still at the basis of prosperity – so many patents and secrets must have been sold and bought, so that some industrialists to make it better than others. Advanced data protection services did not exist back then, so that to safeguard one’s own business and its steady and future well-being. But what it did exist was a sort of contest, a hunger for information…

There were world wars and conflicts that shook the world’s history. And even then – or maybe especially during those times of intense torment – information was vital. Whoever had it, could win the war. Not to mention the Cold War, which actually might have meant nothing else but a chess game between East and West, played on a board which was actually the world’s map. The peons, though, were precious – as these were real people, sent from one side to another for nothing else than gathering, gaining, buying or selling… information.

Was it any different than the times today? Maybe. But what has not changed at all is the importance of information and data protection matters. Nowadays we have reached the highest speed in the exchange or flow of information that humanity has ever experienced. This is due to the new technological advancements, one of them being also the use of internet. However, data protection has never been more important than at the present moment. That is why nowadays we also have specialized companies in offering nothing else than the antidote: data protection services, as the guarantee to the steadiness and well being of your business.

By looking back in time and then by witnessing today’s progress, I am sometimes proud of having been born today, in the era of smart solutions – maybe smarter than ever! So, let’s all enjoy the benefits of it!