5 Things Every Business Should Know about Big Data


In college, my laptop functioned on 256MB of RAM and boasted nearly 25GB of storage!

And no, I did not go to college in the 1960s.

This was less than a decade ago.  Today, it’s not strange to have 8GB of RAM and a terabyte (TB) of built-in storage.

As technology improves, personal computers become more powerful.  In an increasingly digitized world, more storage and quicker processing have become a necessity.

Today more than ever, businesses are in danger of becoming overrun with information that needs to be sorted, stored, processed and protected.  We live in a world of Big Data, and your businesses’ survival might depend on it is handled.

Here are 5 Big Data concepts all businesses need to grasp:

5. The definition varies

Universally, Big Data refers to a collection of data sets too large and complex to be processed with your company’s basic data…

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