Digitize it!

We like to store things. As a matter of fact, not only that we like to store our things, but we’re also forced to. If you want to preserve anything valuable – whether it is of sentimental value or, more likely, of monetary value -, you have to store it carefully. Along with living in the digital era, the idea of storing and preserving becomes even more urgent. We live in times when information travels faster than the speed of light… or at least faster than Superman, let’s say – if we want to be sensible on this!

Information, in its digital forms, does not only that travel fast, but it is also more vulnerable. However, document archiving offers unimaginable capabilities that can keep up with the times we live in and latest transformations, so that it can actually take the human habit of gathering, storing and taking care of things to the next level and to a different extent. The idea of digitalizing all of the world’s libraries, for instance, is not new; it was born in 1971 when Michael Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg, first talked about his vision. Could you even imagine how brilliant it would be for this great idea to come to life? This way, there would never be a disaster such as the burning of the Library of Alexandria ever again! Plus, Alexandria wasn’t the only temple of knowledge the world has lost… The destruction of the world’s largest and most important storage of knowledge makes me think of how privileged we are to live in the era of digitalization. To put it simply, while we haven’t eliminated all possible dangers, we certainly live in times of unlimited possibilities.  Let’s make the best out of it!


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